Past and Future Programs

These are just a few of our many courses and workshops. If you would like more information on any of these or other programs, please reach out.


Design of a Leader: Charting the Extraordinary

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A transformative leadership program for established and developing leaders highlighting:

  • How to cause results through the work of others whilst leaving people inspired and enlivened in all they do.

  • How to bring and provide Extraordinary Leadership to ‘group’ or ‘organization’ so that it easily gains new membership and begins to grow exponentially.

  • How to listen so as to immediately resolve conflicts and leave others freed up from complaints.

  • How to easily create Accountability and Integrity within a group.

  • How to immediately alter the dynamic or outcome of a group, a room, a meeting or make a difference for others all without saying anything.

  • How to produce your own quantitative results with power and velocity, but with little “hunting” needed.

  • How to speak and think like an Extraordinary Leader and integrate the distinctions of an Extraordinary Leader into work and all areas of life.

This program is comprised of group classes and weekly one-on-one sessions with practical exercises and homework. We will first discern what is impeding each individual’s ability to take their leadership and productivity to the next level and assess areas of strength and opportunities for development. Leaders will learn dynamic techniques that cause exponential results. Utilizing breakthrough and innovative methodologies each individual will disappear limitations, create accountability, integrate distinctions of Extraordinary Leadership and discover their own unique Leadership Blueprint. This program also provides assignments tailored to the individuals within the group.


Leadership Course for Millennials

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A Leadership series for Millennials! 
We'll be working together a small group, to help you refine, structure, discover your gifts, and succeed.
Here you pick a project: it could be to better the world, or perhaps better your life. Together we work to have that project succeed, while the project itself provides the opportunity for you to gain a wealth of tools, new skills, distinctions and learnings that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.
How does it all look?
Each week we meet via web streaming as a group where you get to share your project, your ideas, your challenges. Then you get a set of distinctions to help you succeed that you apply each week to help you get there. As well, you will receive personalized coaching each week during our calls.
Using your unique gifts, you will venture further into your greatness, cause impactful results for yourself and others, and embody your personal expression of leadership and empowerment. Here is where your Leadership thrives.
If you are interested please send me an email for more information (


Power & Mastery of Listening Within A Diverse World

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Learn further nuances of listening and how the highest level of listening can actually disappear (or heal) the emotional content behind what the speaker is expressing. We will discover that listening is not just about staying quiet or focusing on what the person is saying. What is equally and most important is the nature of how we are listening. This workshop is designed to leave each person empowered in their lives and to distinguish what is happening and what is possible when we listen with mastery.

In some versions of this workshop, when indicated, we may apply what we have learned to a group conversation on our personal experiences of living in our diverse world. This is designed to be deeply enlightening, altering and healing for all, leaving the group with a transformed experience of our collective culture.