What is it to be our greatest potential?

What is it to be both grounded and limitless?


Charisma. We could define it as a learnable quality of leadership that includes being present, authentic, and inspiring; someone who engages others and brings people together under a common goal or purpose. A “Charism” is also said to be an innate gift within us.

The name “Charisma Unlimited” connects to the continuous unlocking of our own inner potential. Individuals can have Charisma, as can groups and organizations. It can refer to an inherent quality within ourselves we are already accessing, or something that is still hidden from our view and we have yet to tap into. It can include skills we have already mastered, or those abilities we are still learning and capacities still to be acquired.

We can continue to discover and realize our own expression of “Charisma” and apply it to our lives, our businesses, and our organizations. When we combine this with the right resources, tools and objectives for our needs, we are able to stay grounded and focused, and the results then begin to expand to match our vision. We continue to break through our own glass ceiling. And because our blueprint of “Charisma” is unique to us and our combination of talents, skills, knowledge and personality, the definition and experience of Charisma itself can be Unlimited.

One of my gifts is to help unlock further potential for groups, individuals and businesses, and then focus it to actualize expanded results.


Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.

— John F. Kennedy



Leadership & Business Consulting

Whether you are a sole proprietor just starting out, or a large business with many employees, we strategically go to work on fulfilling your goals and vision by disappearing limitations to velocity, adding possible structures, creating expansion, and having each individual expressing their own unique leadership blueprint. This is achieved through executive coaching or group workshops depending on your needs as an organization.

Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions help you see and understand exactly what it is that you currently need to focus on, distinguish what best serves you, and instruction or guidance to help you realize your full potential and effectively align with your authentic self and path forward.

Coaching sessions are often offered over the phone, so you can be anywhere on our planet.

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Workshops & Programs

Programs and classes are available for both business organizations and groups of individuals. They are designed to give you the road map you need, including a variety of distinctions and practices. For more information on various short & long term programs and workshops offered, please click here.